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17 Best Online Escape Games

It is always the desire of each one of us to play awesome escape games online. If you have been seeking room for some interesting escape games online, then you will be sorted out in a moment.

What are Online Escape Games?

An escape room, puzzle game, an exit game, or an escape game is one of the greatest free escape games that enables team players to accomplish tasks by discovering and applying clues that can solve specific puzzles in a limited period.

Although most of the escape room games online are collaborative, competitive variants also exist. The main aim of the game is to escape the site of the game. Most of the escape games online are inspired by the “Escape- the- room video games.

Online escape games test and develop problem-solving, thinking outside the box, and promote teamwork.

Online escape room puzzles include numbers, words, crosswords, ciphers, word searches, mathematics riddles, and many more.

Virtual or escape games online run through video conferencing platforms where your team solves different puzzles by finding clues to escape unrevealed escape rooms. You don’t need to pay for all the escape games since you can still find free games online.

Free escape room games online give your team a chance to work together and apply various problem-solving skills. Below are some of the best online escape games.

The Panic Room

The panic room has varying levels of themes and difficulties. In addition, it is an excellent option for a remote team to play with. The panic room has no limitation for the number of players a team should have and can be played using a mobile app, a personal computer, or a tablet.
It is one of the online escape games that can help you enhance your problem-solving skills when working as a team.

Lockbox Escape Room

Lockbox gives a team chance to host your events where you have your own master who can lead you through. In addition, it has several engaging scenarios that offer 360 degrees’ view of real-time rooms. For this reason, it is one of the great escape games that offer significant user interaction.

Sherlock Escape

Sherlock escape is another unique online escape game that gives the user a great experience. With Sherlock escape, your team has a chance of helping a live actor out of a selected room. By doing this, you get some problem-solving clues.


60out has a compilation of the most challenging scenarios crucial to developing personal and team problem-solving skills. It will always keep your mind engaged throughout. 60out is suitable for small and large teams.

Furthermore, it is excellent for both new and older teams since it has several difficulty levels. 60out still remains to be among the greatest great escape games to date.

Luco Online Escape Rooms

Luco online escape room is another great game you can enjoy in your free time. It is more of a problem-solving enhancing tool rather than a time-waster. We recommend this game for smaller teams. All its rooms are unique to offer the best but a different experience for the current and subsequent events.

Black Noir Online Escape Room

The team behind Black Noir build it to offer both fun and challenges. This double package always ensures the users are entertained as they improve their problem-solving skills. The free escape games in the Black Noir will always keep you active and engaged in finding the most appropriate solution or clue.

Each room in Black has a unique theme focusing on several puzzle-solving skills. In addition, it can be used by both small and large teams. Lastly, Black Noir allows you to use a single code per 3-5 people.

Expedition Escape

Expedition escape is meant to help a team solve some complicated puzzles by utilizing your thinking cap. Its exploits the thinking capacity of the whole team to help it come up with a tangible solution to the puzzle.
Expedition escape online games have three fantastic online games with a top-notch level of client satisfaction.

Trapped in the Web

You can test your team’s problem-solving skills with this fantastic online escape game. Even without experience, you can still enjoy this game. If you are a lover of Trapped in the Web, then you are probably more than ready to solve any tough challenge that comes your way.

In addition, you can either play trapped in the Web alone or as a team. Thus, you can enjoy it as a team or have an adventure with a larger group. Still, you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home.

The Truth About Edith by Mad Genius Escape Co.

The Truth About Edith by Mad Genius Escape Co is a great online escape game from Oregon. Although it works well for smaller groups, it has recently introduced a virtual puzzle game called Boobano Farm for larger teams.

Confundrum Escape Rooms

Confundrum Escape Room is a unique online escape games room. It has the best 3-D graphics that make all its participants perceive they are in the same location. In addition, they have a skilled game master who can help you with clues to solve a challenging puzzle.

Free Online Escape Games

Apart from the above Online escape games, there are some free escape online rooms. These include;

Benefits of Online Escape Games

Playing online escape games has many health benefits. Apart from enhancing problem-solving skills, it offers the following advantages.

  • Online escape games enhance happiness and our level of social and mental satisfaction
  • Encourages development of fine motor skills in children
  • It is educative, thus can help you learn a thing or two
  • Improves communication and social abilities since you work as a team to solve puzzles
  • It is suitable for enhancing the cognitive ability and processes of the team players
  • Support gross motor skill development
  • Improves memory ability and capacity of a team
  • Playing online escape games create unique memories

In summary, playing online escape games has many health benefits. It demonstrates the importance of teamwork in solving real-life challenges. In addition, it is good for the social and mental well-being of teams and individuals.