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The 23 Best Webmaster Tools for Better SEO & Performance

SEO optimization is unquestionably one of the best marketing tactics for website owners. For an improved online presence, site owners need to optimize their content. Search engines recognize and prioritize search results for web pages containing easy-to-digest content. While individuals have the mandate to design SEO optimization, SEO tools created around complex algorithms come in handy in performing this tedious work. An effective SEO optimization tactic entails enhancing the flow of prospective consumers. In the context of assisting brands that are likely to benefit from increased exposure, this post reviews the top popular webmaster tools and highlights their main features. These SEO tools are perfect for website owners, mainly because most of them are free to try.

Benefits of SEO Tools

SEO tools are valuable because they make marketers work seamlessly. Here are the top reasons why site owners use SEO tools:

  • They offer reports to analyze the competitors
  • It supports in discovering high quality keywords
  • Saves time and money on SEO optimization audits
  • They assist in grasping prospects
  • They simplify the process of visualizing results
  • Helps in obtaining and analyzing data

Best Webmaster Tools for SEO Optimization

Google Webmaster Tools

From professional marketing agencies to ordinary bloggers, it seems most website owners are using Google Webmaster Tools, now renamed to Google Search Console, to enhance their website’s SEO optimization. If you are unaccustomed to Google Webmaster Tools, you might be wondering why people regard it as one of the best SEO tools.

First, Google Webmaster Tools is a reliable platform used by website owners to examine how their websites interact with Google. Second, this platform offers you a comprehensive insight into your website health, security concerns, mobile SEO optimization issues, and other technical issues like crawl errors. Google Webmaster Tools is favorite amongst website owners because it will help you get the following:

  • Access to Google’s search statistics
  • Crawl errors on your site
  • Keywords that ranks on your website
  • Your website’s mobile-friendliness
  • Website-related metrics that matters to you most
  • It offers insights of the website’s indexing and crawling activity

HubSPot Website Grader

Marketers’ primary objective is to generate traffic and qualified leads through their organization’s site. Due to this, it’s sensible for them to identify the webmaster tools they can use to improve the website’s SEO optimization.

Website Grader is easy to use because you only need to enter your website’s URL, and you will instantly get a report card with actionable insights regarding your SEO efforts. Afterward, you can opt to register for a course that shows you how to enhance your site’s user experience (UX) and SEO, depending on the report card’s feedback.

As one of the best free SEO tools in the industry, here is what you can do with HubSpot Website Grader:

  • Get valuable information about your site’s performance within seconds
  • Learn how to improve your website’s performance
  • Discover particular performance problems and get actionable, clear feedback on how to resolve them
  • Learn how to optimize the website for mobile use
  • Get access to HubSpot course on site optimization to help you understand how to enhance the site’s specific issues
  • Customize the website’s user experience to create an incredible user experience
  • Discover how to implement site security best practices

Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers premium and free SEO tools. With their free SEO tools, you can perfectly manage your site’s SEO, particularly if you partner it with Google Search Console. These webmaster tools compile and centralize your site’s SEO data, making it easy for you to query areas for perfection with phrases and keywords that you need your webpages and site to rank for.

Here is what you can achieve with Google Analytics free webmaster tools:

  • Compare and contrast organic vs non-organic website traffic
  • Eliminate spam traffic, such as fake referrals as it may damage your SEO reports
  • Learn about the part of your web page that gets the most traffic, so you can know what to do enhance SEO on other pages
  • Utilize site content reports to identify engagement metrics on all web pages, page exit metrics, engagement for directories, behaviour, acquisition, and landing pages conversion
  • Identify the channels with most conversions and sales

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing webmaster tools are free SEO tools from Microsoft. They allow site owners to include their sites into the Bing index crawler, making it easy for them to appear on Bing Search. Through Bing webmaster tools, you can assess how your website performs on the Bing search engine.

As one of the best free search engine optimization tools on the internet, Bing webmaster tools give you valuable data that assists you in troubleshooting SEO problems, mainly for the Bing search engine. Here is what you can do with these webmaster tools:

  • Monitor the website’s performance
  • See the keywords that ranks your site
  • Eliminate content that you don’t want ranked
  • Submit new web pages to for crawling
  • Monitor and fix potential spam and malware problems

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Ahrefs created their webmaster tools to give website owners excellent SEO optimization. Thus, with Ahrefs webmaster tools, site managers can get free access to Site Explorer, and Site Audit provided the website is verified. The best thing about Ahrefs webmaster tools is that it has a user-friendly interface that provides all types of technical information.

Free SEO tools from Ahrefs allow you to; improve SEO optimization; add and manage several websites; measure and boost the site’s overall performance. You can achieve the following with these free webmaster tools:

  • Access the keywords that generate traffic to your website
  • Identify your backlinks
  • Monitor your SEO health
  • Assess your site’s crawl ability
  • Examine your domain rating
  • Audit the site

Alexa Webmaster Tools

Alexa is a renowned website ranking platform developed by Alexa Internet Company, a subsidiary of Amazon, to help users gauge how popular their websites are on the internet compared to other websites.

Alexa free webmaster tools are the industry’s standard to help you assess a website’s popularity and indexing. As a blogger or webmaster, you can hardly avoid Alexa free SEO tools because they offer some gratification. Here is what SEO tools from Alexa give you:

  • See your website’s statistics including page views, Alexa rank, and reach relative
  • Monitor the website’s traffic growth
  • Compare the website with other sites
  • Access the queries people use to search your website
  • Compare the site’s load time against other sites

Sistrix Webmaster Tools

Sistrix free webmaster tools assist users in identifying SEM-and-SEO actions and assessing them to make conclusive decisions. This platform offers insights into the present trends depending on factual data. It gives you relevant figures that you can use to cross-examine your website.

While it comprises plenty of valuable features, the visibility index is its popular feature. This feature gives your domain a score that shows how visible it is within the Google search engine. The results you get help to evaluate the pros and cons of your SEO actions. Sistrix webmaster tools SEO services can help you perform the following:

  • Analyze and optimize organic search results
  • Access your website backlinks
  • Examine website’s banner campaigns
  • Assess keywords
  • Analyze popular social media channel signals

SimilarWeb Webmaster Tools

SimilarWeb is classified as one of the most effective webmaster tools SEO service providers for advertisers, marketers, brands, businesses, and data analysts. With SimilarWeb, you can quickly see your competitor’s traffic, optimize your site, and enact appropriate strategic decisions.

It offers all website owners the ability to track, grow, and understand their digital market platform. Listed below are the main reasons why people use SimilarWeb’s free webmaster tools:

  • It allows you to benchmark your website against the competitor’s
  • Allows you to identify latest trends
  • It reveals your competitor’s analytics
  • It gives you an insight into any site’s strategy and statistics
  • It shows you tactics of growing your organic traffic

Gtmetrix Webmaster Tools

Gtmetrix is amongst the best SEO tools you can use to get a thorough analysis regarding your site’s performance because it uses YSlow and Google PageSpeed Insights to produce precise results and recommendations.

This webmaster tool is precious as it helps you understand what is wrong with your site. Afterward, it recommends strategies you can include to enhance the website’s performance. A high YSlow or PageSpeed score shows your website has excellent SEO optimization.

Nonetheless, the results may be inaccurate depending on the internet connection and the number of current visitors to the website. Here is what you get from Gtmetrix:

  • It analyzes and makes your website quick
  • It gives you detailed website performance information
  • It shows how the website loads and helps you identify underlying issues
  • It tests the web pages daily, weekly, and monthly to ensure they are well optimized
  • It defines your website’s performance on mobile platforms
  • It simulates how the website loads on several gadgets

SEMrush Webmaster Tools

SEMrush is perhaps one of the finest webmaster tools SEO service providers in the market. Previously developed to assist businesses to boost their rankings and organic search results, SEMrush continually adds beneficial SEO tools features to acquire more and more clients in this ever-changing digital marketing world.

Utilizing all SEMrush SEO tools gives you a chance to boost your search results and the general website performance. This platform can help you design the best PPC, SEO, branding, and social media marketing strategies. Website owners and digital marketing agencies use SEMrush because it:

  • Offers crucial data on competitor’s search and paid strategies
  • Produces ideal site audits comprising crucial problems that require attention
  • Gives link building and keyword suggestions that helps with SEO
  • Manages and monitors website’s organic rankings
  • Allows you to design creative and compelling PPC campaigns
  • Lets you generate simple and understandable reports

Moz Webmaster Tools

Moz started as an SEO consultation company back in 2004 before developing SEO tools. The company’s founder, Rand Fishkin, is well-known in the SEO industry, and most digital marketers and entrepreneurs love his YouTube tutorials.

Moz is an all-inclusive search engine optimization tool that website owners can use for backlink analysis, site audit, keyword research, and do a lot more. Perhaps MozBar is Moz’s best tool as it regularly gives you an insight into any website’s domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA). Moz helps you to:

  • Crawl your website on demand
  • Track your website’s traffic
  • Identify thousands of keywords to target
  • See other website’s metrics

Majestic Webmaster Tools

Some good news for website owners is that Majestic announced that their Site Explorer is available for free regardless of your membership plan as long as you have a verified domain. The platform also plans to eliminate all restrictions for premium clients and give them extra benefits.

Hopefully, Majestic will become much more popular as they have introduced a feature that syncs their webmaster tools with Google’s. Majestic free users can get valuable information about the following:

  • Backlink data
  • Re-directions
  • Anchor text analysis
  • Crawl dates
  • New links
  • Flow metric data
  • Geo and visual map
  • Referring domains


Ezoic is a renowned technology company that offers complex artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to content creators and website owners. As a certified Google Partner, Ezoic works hand in hand with the largest websites you can think of.

The company’s artificial intelligence solution makes them the leader for optimizing websites and running complex ad configurations. They also help site owners with infrastructure hosting, SEO services, and security concerns. Ezoic is famous for giving customers the following:

  • Optimizing the crucial web vitals
  • Automatic optimization of ad placements
  • Optimizing ad revenue through header bidding
  • Increase website speeds
  • Test your SEO titles
  • Shows you how to improve the click through rate
  • Shows you how to increase your website’s traffic

Google Trends

Google Trends is a free analytical tool developed by Google to allow Trend searches and comparisons. It is an incredible tool used by most website owners, researchers, marketers, businesses, and other entities to realize trends’ ins and outs based on unique situations.

It lets you identify trends before they show up and tells you when to pull out when the trends start to descend. Google trends can help you to do the following:

  • Product research
  • Market research
  • Keyword research for SEO
  • Identify the stability of a search item
  • Get location-based trends
  • Identify seasonality
  • Find product niches
  • Brand competition comparison
  • Find out local differences in search patterns
  • Get ideas for social media marketing and content marketing

Raven Webmaster Tools

Raven offers powerful search engine optimization tools that emphasize plenty of SEO components. These tools help you to analyze your website’s indexing and competition. The tools come with an easy-to-use interface to suit both novices and experienced users.

On this platform, site owners have access to several tools to analyze website performance, crawls, keyword indexing, link spy, research, and much more. Raven also provides understandable and comprehensive reports to help you make informed decisions. Other things you can do with these tools include:

  • Assess and track back links
  • Create and share SEO reports
  • Integrate Search-Console metrics and Google Analytics

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is a valuable SEO tool created by Google to offer webmasters comprehensive reports about their website’s loading speed and overall performance. Your website’s loading speed is a critical factor that Google and other top search engines use when ranking it.

The best thing is that this tool offers solutions to undertake after examining your site’s performance. With this fantastic webmaster tool, you can achieve the following:

  • Measure your website’s loading time
  • Compare your site’s load time against competing sites
  • Identify factors that may be slowing your page’s loading time
  • Discover prospects for website performance enhancements
  • Compare performance on desktop and mobile devices


As a web-based software, Uptimerobot.com is made to frequently monitor websites to assess whether they are down due to bugs or server issues. It always ensures sites are up and running. Ideally, it checks intended keywords, port, ping, HTTP, and alerts through email or SMS to keep users up to date about the occurrences.

It allows users to use an easy-to-use REST API interface to perform the latest tasks and share them with clients, visitors, or teammates. It comprises several protocols to unravel coding anomalies or server breakdowns to ensure the website is up and running. Here is what you can get from Uptimerobot.com webmaster tools.

  • Website monitoring
  • Ping monitoring
  • SSL monitoring
  • Keyword monitoring
  • Cron job monitoring
  • Port monitoring

Internet Marketing Ninjas

Being an SEO-focused company, Internet Marketing Ninjas offers several free webmaster tools that website owners can use to compare their sites against the competition, generate meta tags, increase organic traffic to the site, and perform SEO optimization. Here is what you can get from this platform:

  • Recognize redirects and broken links
  • Use site crawl feature to create your website’s XML sitemap
  • View page links and images on web pages to assess what’s working well and what needs an update
  • Analyze page-load time
  • Get a comparison of your website’s SEO performance against a competitor sites
  • Evaluate your web page meta information, content, and internal links through on-page optimization tool


SEOLYZER assists you in identifying how top search engines, such as Google, view your site. The good thing about SEOLYZER is that it can extract information left in the server’s log files by crawling bots while browsing your website. With this information, you will have an easy time identifying and generating SEO KPIs. This webmaster tool also identifies redirects, error codes, web performance, and speed.

What’s more, it can assist you:

  • Quickly identify and monitor SEO problems on the site, such as error messages, poor response time, and crawl volume
  • Managing and analyzing special KPIs
  • Segment website to identify the most crawled pages
  • Compare web pages ranked as the most significant by Google
  • Analyze the effects of your SEO efforts

UpCity SEO Report Card

UpCity SEO Report Card helps you analyze your site’s performance to discover how it performs against your competitors’ websites. This application gives you a report containing valuable information, such as:

  • Rank analysis: It shows how your site ranks on top search engines based on your keywords
  • On-site analysis: An analysis of how you have incorporated main keywords in your website
  • Link building: A comprehensive analysis of the websites that links back to your website
  • Trust metrics: A summary of your website’s trust and authority level
  • Website accessibility: Information regarding your website’s accessibility and load time
  • Current Indexing: An identification about your indexed site pages


SEOBILITY offers free webmaster tools. With this software, you can measure your website’s compliance level against the current SEO guidelines. You only enter your site’s URL and instantly get tips regarding the best way to optimize it.

Besides receiving your website’s comprehensive SEO audit, you will have access to plenty of email reporting, subpage audits, keyword monitoring, and alerts. Here are the things you will get from SEOBILITY.

  • Quickly locate on-page SEO problems and technical errors
  • Recognize particular SEO problems linked to your meta information like meta tags, meta titles, incorrect domain names, and page URLs
  • Receive SEO score for multiple website factors like link structure, meta-information, page quality, and much more
  • Know how to improve your page and link structure through anchor texts, headers, number of links, and internal links
  • Identify the areas that you need to work on, especially page quality and speed
  • Know specific server issues linked to HTTP headers, redirects, JavaScript, and CSS files


BROWSEO enables you to assess your website in a stripped-down manner. This way, you get an opportunity to analyze its content, user experience and gain insight into SEO performance. After inserting your URL, the software displays the results on your HTML, so you can quickly understand the page’s optimized search terms, structure, and other SEO-linked terms. Here is what you can do with this SEO optimization tool:

  • Realize your server response code
  • Receive the number of words in your web page
  • Identify all the headers on your web page
  • Discover your page’s internal and external links
  • Get all meta information, such as meta description and meta title

SEO Quake

SEO Quake is a popular Chrome extension that automatically and quickly analyzes websites’ SEO parameters. It checks web pages’ internal and external link reviews, SEO audits, domain comparison, real-time URL, and data file export. The other things you can perform with SEO Quake include:

  • Receive conclusive information about your links performance including; anchor text, URLs, and other links
  • Compare several URLs and domains for SEO parameters
  • Modify the reports you get to display the metrics and parameters that matters to you
  • Audit your site’s SEO to recognize all SEO-related problems
  • Export SEO analysis results into a shareable and modifiable report

The Bottomline

SEO is important, especially for digital marketing and eCommerce website owners. So, identify the tool that will assist you in reaching your SEO objectives and then start to optimize, audit, and monitor your individual web pages, website, or even content immediately.