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16 Easy Ways to Make Money

The hottest topic in the world today is Coronavirus pandemic, and whether you believe the hysteria around it or not, it has certainly disrupted the flow of income for many people. As many companies lay off employees in order to make changes to cope with the tough economic times, many employees are finding themselves in a difficult financial situation because they no longer earn money through employment. If you are one of the people who have been laid off or furloughed, it is time you started looking for ways to regain your footing by learning how to make money during corona virus.

16 ideas to explore when learning how to make money during the corona virus

The ideas discussed below do not require much investment, and they will allow you to make money while protecting yourself from the coronavirus pandemic. Here are ways you can earn money during corona crisis without undermining the world’s efforts to fight this pandemic:

Online tutoring

If you are wish to know how to make money during the corona virus, you should try your luck by offering online tutoring services. If you are a professional in a certain field or you know certain languages, you can teach other people interested in learning during this corona time and earn money for your services. The best part is that you will find many sites online that you can use to earn money. All you will need to do is create a profile and start offering your online tutoring classes on different subjects including school subjects like literature, mathematics, history, religion, and science.

Sell handmade items

If you are passionate about handmade crafts, this might be the right time to utilize your talents to make money. If you can make items such as handmade cards, mats, jewelry or any artistic craft, you can make many of them and sell them to earn money. If you are at home during this corona time, you should consider utilizing your time making handmade items that you can sell to make money from home. Such an activity can go a long way to supplement your finances and keep you busy.

Become a copywriter

As people continue to work from home, what is certain is that copywriter gigs are meant to increase. If you are thinking of how to earn money during corona, consider offering copywriting services online. Copywriting allows you to work from home as long as you have access to the internet and a laptop. Becoming a copywriter will also allow you to fit your working hours anywhere on your daily schedule, thus making it possible to utilize your free time to make money. Copywriting is a mega-industry that might offer you more opportunities to earn money past the corona pandemic. As such, you should consider checking it out if you want to make money from home.

Food delivery driving

As many people, especially the elderly, are advised to stay indoors due to their susceptibility to corona virus, many of them are relying on food deliveries more than ever. If you are wondering how to make money during a crisis like the corona pandemic, therefore, consider offering food delivery services. You can sign up for food retailers and become a food delivery driver to serve the vulnerable people in your community and ensure they get food. If you feel that you can enjoy this gig during this pandemic, consider registering with food delivery service providers such as GrubHub and DoorDash and earn money from home.

Deliver groceries

One of the businesses that are flourishing during this corona virus pandemic is the sale of grocery items since their demand has continued to rise. If you are still learning how to make money during corona virus, consider venturing into the business of delivering groceries. Many people are staying indoors, and this means that more food is needed since no one is able to go out for supper. You can make money during this corona by working with groceries such as Shipt and Instacart where you can shop for groceries and deliver them to homeowners at a fee. To earn money by doing this, however, you must be approved first. The good thing is that once you have made more than 30 successful deliveries when working with Shipt, you can earn about $22 per hour from home.

Offer consultation services

Consulting services are on the rise, which means that you can earn money by selling services to clients from the entire globe. If you are trying to find out how to make money during corona virus, offering consultation services is one of the ways that could help you earn money from home. You can offer consulting services based on your expertise. This means that you won’t have to rely on employers because you can sell your expertise to firms or individuals in marketing, politics, law, business, sports, fitness, or any other field. If you are an expert in nutrition and fitness, then you have an even bigger market to serve during this corona pandemic. Many people are staying indoors with little workouts and need consultation services on how to stay healthy and fit. You can use your social media platforms to advertise your services and make money from those who want them.

Become a translator

If you can speak more than one language, you can offer to translate and interpret documents on the internet and make money from them. If you want to earn money during corona, become a translator and interpreter online and make money from home. Many people are often looking to get documents translated or interpreted, and this allows you to make money while you keep social distance and protect yourself. Many free online sources can guide you on how to become a successful translator. You, therefore, can utilize such resources to get yourself going and make money from home.

Transcribe and earn money

If you are a fast typist and you want to earn money during corona, then you should consider doing online transcribing. Transcribing involves listening to audio files using your headsets and then typing it on Word. When transcribing, you will be paid based on your typing speed. You can spend more or less time on a transcript based on the audio quality, accent of the speaker, background noise and the speed of speaking. Some companies contract freelance transcribers and pay them handsomely. You too can try them out and start earning money from home today.

Provide resume writing service

What has been evident in this time of corona is that many people have lost their jobs and they are looking for methods to earn money during corona from home. Many companies have also found themselves planning for the uncertainties of the future and are cutting down on their operating costs hence retrenching many people. Those who have lost their jobs are looking forward to dropping new job applications after the pandemic is brought under control. This means that you can offer them resume writing services to make money. The amount you charge could depend on your relationship with the clients and the offers they make. You can make between $100 and $400 per resume.

Become an online content creator

Many countries in the world have restricted the movement of their citizens and this has left many people confined to their homes. If you are still not sure how to make money during a crisis like corona, create content and earn money while working from home. Good content is likely to go viral today because more people are spending their time on social media platforms browsing through online content. This means that you can take advantage of the increased screen time to make some money for yourself. All you need is to choose a certain topic and then create content in the form of audios or videos and share them through your social media platforms. With such content, you earn from your viewership on various channels like YouTube if you can attract many people to watch your content.

Make money from your opinions

If you are stuck financially and want to know how to make money during corona, you could try taking online surveys and getting paid for your answers. Numerous online websites allow people to review different products and offer their opinion at a fee. You will need to take online surveys that can give you the much-required source of income to support yourself during this coronavirus pandemic. There are different brands, political organizations, and research groups that need people to offer their opinions on the current trends in the country and pay them for their opinions. The surveys can take between 5 to 30 minutes to complete, which means that you can handle many in a day and earn money that can sustain you during the coronavirus pandemic.

Offer editing service

Although there are numerous online editing tools, they are not as effective as humans are. As a result, many people resort to using people to edit their documents. Offering online editing services can help you earn money during corona while working from home. Some people are willing to pay third parties to edit their written documents such as books, novels, and essays. If you have experience with video and audio editing, you can also land lucrative gigs that involve editing files at an attractive fee. If you can offer high quality editing services, you can even rely on referrals from your previous customers to attract more and earn money during this corona pandemic.

Sell things you don’t need at home

During this time, you are probably spending more time in your home than you are used to hence the need to identify things you no longer need. If you are yet to know how to make money during corona virus, you could start by looking for things you do not need in your home and selling them to make money. Among the items that you could be having in your home that you barely use include electronics, furniture, appliances, and many other valuable items, and you can sell such items online and get some money. The good thing is that many sites today will help you sell your stuff including Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, eBay and many more. All you need to do to earn money from your old stuff is identify all the stuff you do not need, take pictures, and upload them on these sites and buyers will come your way.

Freelance writing

Do you enjoy writing and making written content? If yes, you can consider venturing into freelance writing because it will offer you numerous opportunities to make money during this corona time. Many firms and people are looking for people to create content for their websites and you can venture into this to earn money. Most popular sites such as Seek and LinkedIn can offer you leads to people who are offering freelance writing opportunities, and you can use them to earn money from home. Freelance writing is for people who are eager to learn how to make money during corona and other crises that they might find themselves in.

Sell photographs

If you are a photographer and you have a knack for taking cute pictures, you can sell them online to make money. This is one of the solutions for you if you are looking to understand how to make money during a crisis like a coronavirus. If you have been looking to find out how to make money during corona, consider selling some of your pictures online to make money. Some photos can fetch good money on different online sites and this can earn you some money during this rough period. For instance, you can sell your pictures on sites such as Alamy and get money from your photography during this coronavirus pandemic.

Start a blog

As many people continue to lose their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic, you can ensure you are still able to earn money by creating a blog and utilizing it. In fact, creating a blog can be a long term solution if you are wondering how to make money during a crisis. To earn money from a blog, you must identify a topic that will attract lots of interest from other people and fill it with high-quality content. This will allow you to attract more viewership and readers to your site so that you can use affiliate marketing and Google ads to make money from it during this coronavirus pandemic. If you are a beginner, you can start with simple website providers like WordPress and Wix.


Are you enthusiastic to find out how to make money during a crisis? If you are, you can easily earn money from home by venturing into any of the opportunities highlighted above. Most of them make it possible to earn money from different businesses that allow you to work from home. If you have lost your job and are wondering how to make money during corona virus from home, do not hesitate to exploit the various ways discussed above and you will make money during this pandemic.

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