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22 Apps That Pay You Real Money

If you are tired of staring at social media or you need some extra money, consider apps that pay you. You can spend your free time earning extra money to pay your bills or to take that dream vacation. While some apps pay you through gift cards, you can find apps that pay you real money. You can find apps for all types of smartphones. A great variety of apps that pay you real money, apps that pay you to play, apps that pay you to shop, and apps that pay you to work are available, so consider these apps.


Link your bank account to this app that pays you real money, and they will automatically round any money that you spend up to the next dollar. They put that money into an investment account for you. If you struggle to save, then this app may be the perfect one for you. Your Acorns account comes with a debit card, and you can upload mobile checks to your account. You will pay a small fee monthly for the account. If you decide you dislike the service, then you can roll it into a different investment account for a modest fee, or you can sell your investments and take your money. Seven different portfolios are available to meet different investors’ needs.


While there is no Fronto iPhone app, if you have an Android device, you can download this app and earn money for just unlocking your device. When you unlock your device, you will be able to swipe left or right. If you swipe right, then your home screen will appear. If you swipe left, then you will be given the option of reading a news story, taking a survey. This is also one of the apps that will pay you to play games. While you can earn money just by unlocking your phone, you make more money by interacting with the app. People often use this app while waiting in line or on a break to earn even more cash. Like many apps that pay you real money, this app is among those apps that pay you through PayPal, or you can spend your points on Amazon.

Survey Junkie

Since 2013, people have been filling out surveys with Survey Junkie and earning e-gift cards and PayPal cash. You can earn up to $75 for just giving your opinion as companies want the information for data collection. You will need to provide them with your email address. If you fill out the demographics questions and find that you do not qualify, you still get a small payment. Turn points in for prizes by doing things like answering a 20-question opening survey, completing your profile, and taking a tour of their website. Check out this site on your iPhone or your Android device.


Once you download and install this app, it automatically activates anytime you are driving over 10 miles per hour. Once you create your account, then you earn points for obeying the law and staying off your smartphone while you drive. You can even earn points as if you stay off your phone as a passenger in a moving vehicle. The points you earn while you drive are redeemable for megadeals, which are specific to your location. If you have to drive many miles, this app may be perfect for you.


When searching for apps that pay you real money, consider Uber. While this is more like a real freelance job than many apps that pay you real money, you sign up to give people rides. In most cities where Uber operates, you can work when you want to and get riders through this app.


If you are looking for apps that pay you to play games, then VeryDice is one of the easiest ones to use. After downloading this app on your iPhone or Android device, you roll two virtual dice. You can multiply your roll by three if you choose. You spin a wheel to see how many new rolls you get each day. You can also complete other activities to get more rolls, like virtual basketball, each time that you roll doubles. If you roll a double for each number from two to six during a 24-hour window, then you automatically get 300 tickets. Once you earn enough tickets, you can spend them on select prizes on Amazon.


Swagbucks gives you money, including a sign-up bonus, to give your opinion. They give out thousands of gift cards daily, and you can earn cash to your PayPal account in $5 increments. You can do many things on this site to make money, including giving your opinion for data collection, watching videos, doing searches, and hunting down online shopping deals. There are so many options on earning money that you can make it almost any way except to dive. You can even earn cash for shopping at your favorite stores. Use their search engine, and you can also earn points while looking up answers to things you want to learn about on your iPhone or Android device.


MyPoints is one of the oldest apps that pay you real money or redeem your points for purchases at many online retailers. Get 10 % of the points from anyone you refer to this site without taking away from their point total. You can take surveys to earn MyPoints, but you can also play online games, This is one of the apps that pay you through PayPal or a Visa gift card, so there are many ways to redeem your MyPoints. It is easy to use this app to shop at your favorite online retailers and earn cashback.


If you are looking for apps that pay you real money for things you do anyway, then the Ibotta app is the one for you. Shop at many retailers online or in-person, and pay for your purchases directly through this app. You must identify the offers you are interested in before going to the store. Some offers come with a quick survey to complete while others show you a recipe or something else related to the product. If you forgot to use it while you were in the store, then you can just take a picture of your receipt when you get home. If the store that you shop at is connected to Ibotta, then you can also link your loyalty card. Pay with your loyalty card, and Ibotta will automatically give you your cashback.

Toluna Influencers

If you enjoy giving your opinion, Toluna Influencers may be the survey app for you. If you are looking for apps that pay you real money, try this one, especially if you love hooking up with other people online. There are two types of surveys available. Profile surveys pay a little, but they help qualify you for more profitable surveys. Targeted surveys allow you to choose the topic, and they pay more. Besides getting cash, this app and other apps that pay you real money often ask interesting questions.

Fetch Rewards

You can shop at any grocery store and get rewards from Fetch Rewards for scanning your receipt when you get home. Unlike many apps that pay you real money to shop, this app does not care where you purchased the product. The company uses your receipts for data collection and sells it for market research to give you your money back. Each item can be worth a different number of points, so investigate the point totals before shopping to get the best deals. Redeem your points for gift cards or donate them to the American Red Cross.


If you are looking for apps that pay you to play games, Lucktastic may be the one for you. When you choose this one among the apps that pay you to play, you get a free scratch-off card that you virtually scratch off by swiping your finger back and forth to see if you won cash. Watch an ad and get another card. You can scratch off many cards and win big or win nothing, just like with a lottery ticket. You must have earned at least $2 to check out. You have the option of being paid by a gift card, a paper check, or a Visa gift card when you make this choice among apps that pay you to play.

InBox Dollars

When you are looking for apps that pay you real money, consider InBox Dollars. This app falls into many categories, including apps that pay you real money and apps that pay you to play games. You can get paid to play arcade games, scan products in-store, search the web, read emails, take surveys, and print coupons. You get a sign-on bonus. You need to confirm your email before filling out your profile. As you complete activities, you earn scratch-off tickets. Once you earn $30 in the scratch-off games, you can cash out for real money. If you try a survey and do not qualify, you spin a wheel. You may get lucky and win even more scratch-off games. You can also earn cashback on the items you are buying.

Coin Pop

If you are an Android user, then Coin Pop is one of the apps that pays you to play. After you get rewarded to install them, you can choose various games on their platform and play the games recommended for you based on your age and gender. One advantage of this app when compared to other apps that pay you to play games is that you can cash out quickly for a small amount or keep playing to earn more rewards that are usually given as gift cards at over 20 merchants. Additionally, this is one of the apps that pay you through PayPal.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is one of the apps that pay you real money that is operated by Dynata. On this app, you complete your profile and see a dashboard appear. In the center of the panel is a green button, tap it and begin taking surveys. You can also sign up to receive surveys in your email. Once you earn enough money, get United MileagePlus Points, receive Alawar game credits, or Amazon gift cards. The option that you choose will depend on when you can cash out. You can also donate your earnings to the American Red Cross. Another option is that this app is among the apps that pay you through PayPal.

Field Agent

If you are out running around, Field Agent can help you earn cash by evaluating product displays and gauging inventory at stores. Work depends on your location and how much you receive depends on the complexity of the task. Unlike apps that pay you through PayPal, this app deposits the money directly into your bank account. You want to build your score by completing jobs so you can qualify for higher-paying ones. This is also one of the apps that pay you to play games.


If you are looking for apps that pay you to watch ads, play games, take surveys, and many other things, then EarningStation may be for you. Refer your friends and get extra points for their participation when they install them. You can redeem your accumulated points for physical gift cards that are mailed to you. You may have to wait up to six weeks to get your gift cards, but you can use these apps to watch ads to earn more points while you are waiting for your cards to arrive.


If you want to earn passive income, then YouGov may be for you. It is possible to download YouGov on your smartphone, laptop, or desktop, allowing you to connect all your devices to one account and earn more points. You can earn more points by watching ads or by taking surveys. When you are evaluating apps that pay you real money to take surveys, one advantage of this one is that this app shows you about how much time each survey will take to complete.


If you love to shop, Ebates may be one of the best apps that pay you real money for doing something that you love to do. You need to start a trip in this app before you go shopping at over 2,500 merchants to receive up to 40 % off any purchase that you make online or at a physical store. If you use an Ebates Visa credit card, you can earn even more cashback.


If it is time to declutter your life, use Letgo to sell your items. Take a picture of your item and upload it to the app. Then, Letgo classifies the item and helps you sell it to local buyers who may be interested in your item. Therefore, you must do a little work to make this one of the apps that pay you real money. You must identify things you want to sell, take great photos of it, and connect with others who are interested in your item. You can sometimes make double the money by playing on apps that pay you to play while waiting for your item to sell.


If your car sits idle many hours a day, then you may want to consider downloading Getaround and rent it others to drive. This app works best in bigger cities or in cities that are frequented by tourists. Your car will need to be made in the last few years, have less than 125,000 miles on it, and have had regular maintenance done. You may even want to use this app to rent your car while you are using other apps that pay you to play.

Google Opinion Rewards

If you are leery of giving your data to some companies, Google Opinion Rewards may be for you. This app pays you through PayPal, or you can cash out for Google services. Google will give you surveys to take from merchants who are paying Google for data collection.

Exploring Apps That Pay You Real Money

There are many types of apps that pay you real money to install them. Most, however, require that you interact with them in some way to earn the money. Pick the ones that sound most interesting to you and get started today. Read also: 16 Apps That Pay You To Walk or Workout

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