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Game Cash: Get Paid to Play Games

Can You Really Earn Money While Playing Online Games?

Many game enthusiasts dream of a life in which they could get paid to play the games they already play each day for free. What many of these gamers are unaware of is that these dreams could very easily become a reality – with game cash that can be converted into real money. If you enjoy playing games online and are good enough to win the games you play more often than you lose them, there are a number of websites and apps that will allow you to get paid to play games you already enjoy.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a great way to get paid to play games while enjoying some of your favorite online game offerings. There is no cost to signup for an account at the Inbox Dollars website and you can play games for money as soon as the signup process is complete. Inbox Dollars offers a wide variety of games and it is not difficult for new players to earn as much as $10 a day. More earnings may be possible after obtaining a bit of experience.

Bingo Mania

If you are one of the many people who are lifelong Bingo fans, why not play games for real money while enjoying online bingo play. Bingo Mania offers games on its website seven days a week. You can win small pots for bingo games and allow your earnings to build with time. The website offers enough bingo games that bingo lovers will never get bored while they get paid to play games.


Visitors to the Swagbucks website can get paid to complete a variety of tasks. These tasks include watching videos, using the website’s search engine, and playing online games. You can begin at Swagbucks with the daily promotions and by sampling various games. Swagbucks is one of the best places for new players to get paid to play games online paypal. Once you are more experienced at the games offered on the site, you will be able to increase your earnings.

Point Club

Point Club is another website that provides a list of money-making tasks for users to complete. It is also a great place to get paid to play games online. Individuals who are 13 years old or older and have access to a valid email account are eligible to join the website. Point Club members receive $5 for signing up as members.


Some beginners do not like the fact that Pogo requires five days of ad watching before a player is eligible to collect tokens for gameplay. However, these “disgruntled” users are quickly made happy once they are able to use their tokens to get paid to play games online. Pogo provides a seemingly endless menu of fun and highly addictive games for players who wish to get paid to play games online. The website also holds a drawing daily that pays one lucky winner $10,000.


Gamesville is a trendsetter of sorts and was the first website to offer web-based gaming at no cost. Players receive GV rewards for accomplishments that include finishing games, winning games, and posting high scores at particular games. GV rewards can be redeemed for cash or prizes. Players who do not want to deal with GV rewards can opt to play games for real money.

GSN Cash Games

The variety of games offered at GSN Cash Games include card, arcade, strategy, puzzles, and just about every other type of game that can be played. Players are allowed to try out games that interest them before taking part in competitions involving cash. These trial runs will allow you to familiarize yourself with games before competing against other gamers. They will also help to rank you so that you will be matched with players that possess a similar level of ability. The ranking system and matched competitions at GSN Cash Games assure players have a reasonable chance to get paid to play games online.

Second Life

The prominent gaming website, Second Life, allows gamers to take part in activities like buying and selling virtual real estate, designing and selling clothing, performing concerts for fans, and just about any other activity that holds a measurable degree of value in a virtual world. Second Life is perfect for the individual who wants to get paid to play games and possess the time to invest in developing a ‘game craft’ as they play games for money.

Paid Game Player

Lovers of online gaming who want to get paid to play games can visit Paid Game Player for the opportunity to indulge in a vast array of game choices. The site is restricted to players 18 years old or older and contains more than 600 games to choose from. Game categories include casino games, puzzles, arcade, and much more. All PC games at Paid Game Player allow players to get paid to play games when they are successful.


Many of the games offered at Clip2Play are flash games that involve players fighting against each other. For players that enjoy these type of games, Clip2Play represent a great place to get paid to play games. Clip2Play offers numerous tournaments on a daily basis and announces the winners of these competitions at the end of the day’s competitions. As many as 50 winners can be identified on a given day. Clip2Play also offers a referral program that allows players to earn 10 game points for each friend they get to join in the fun.

Corporation Master

Corporation Master is perfect for the online gamer that craves a more involved gaming experience. Players take part in a simulated economy that allows them to purchase and sell company stocks, find a job, and take part in global wars. Players can invest real money to speed up their progress in the game but Corporation Master can be fully enjoyed free of charge. Players can also get paid to play games through the actions of their referrals. Corporation Master is a fully web-based game that requires no downloads of any kind to enjoy.

Dollar Candy

Dollar Candy allows online gamers to participate in puzzle games that are played in 60-second intervals. These games also provide gamers with the chance to play games for real money in the process. Players pay a few cents to enter a game. The exact cost of each game will depend on the game level. Players who play at higher levels will have the opportunity to earn more prize money than players who participate at lower levels. Players compete against three other players for a prize that can be as large as $300.

Free Lotto

People who love the lotto but would rather stay at home while they play games for money will get a kick out of the website Free Lotto. The website does not only allow you to play lotto without a trip to the store, but there is also no need to use any of your own money to play. The various lotto games available at Free Lotto make it possible for players to win cash, cars, and other prizes on a daily basis. Players who want more chances to get paid to play games can choose to pay for a FreeLottoPlus membership. This membership will enter players in lottos automatically so that they never miss a chance to win a prize.

Exodus 3000

The multi-player role game which is set in a time just after the earth is lost to its inhabitants. Ex-inhabitants of the planet have been relocated to Mars where they need to construct new homes and find food, money, and materials. Exodus 3000 is also an excellent opportunity for gamers who want to get paid to play games. The MarsDollars you earn playing the game can be traded for real money. Your MarsDollars are also what you will use to buy supplies you need within the game. Players receive 5,000 MD upon sign-up to help them begin their game quests. The 300,000 MD it takes to cash out is worth the equivalent of $20.


GetPaidTo is another website that allows visitors to earn money by completing a number of tasks. The opportunity to play games for real money is among the list of tasks that are available. A few of the games offered at GetPaidTo include Mahjong Solitaire, Soduku, assorted puzzles, and more. Players that get bored or tired with the many games offered at GetPaidTo can continue making money while completing surveys, watching videos, and referring friends.

PCH Games

Most people are familiar with the commercials showing Publishers Clearing House winners being surprised at home with the news of a huge sweepstakes win. But not as many people realize PCH also maintains a gaming website that allows players to get paid to play games. In addition to the chance to win instant money from playing games on the site, players can also earn tokens for many of the games they play. These tokens allow gamers to a contest to win a cash prize of $1,000. You can earn more game tokens each time you play a game which will increase your chance to win the $1,000 prize.


Anyone that used the internet when AOL was popular will probably remember the hit game SLINGO. The game is a combination of Bingo and Slots and many players report it is extremely addictive. The popularity of the game has never waned and now there is a website available that showcases the game in all its forms. SLINGO is excellent for the classic game lover who wants to get paid to play games. You can play SLINGO for free and give yourself a chance to win prizes or opt to wager real money and get paid to play games when you win.

Treasure Trooper

The Treasure Trooper website is a little on the older side but this does not mean it is not another legit manner to play games for real money. Popular games you can play on the Treasure Trooper website include Dragon Lair, Jungle Slots, and Bingo. The website also allows you to earn money by taking surveys, completing offers, and answering calls directed to your phone. A mini-game is available that allows you to move one level up on a pyramid when you refer a friend to the Treasure Trooper website. You will receive a $5 prize when you reach the top of the pyramid.

XY Gaming

XY Gaming provides a platform for gamers to compete against friends and other site members in games for cash and prizes. The XY Gaming website is sure to match players who possess a similar skill level so that all competitors who seek to get paid to play games have a reasonable chance at success. XY Gaming differs from the other platforms on the list because it does not offer its own web-based games. Instead, players connect to the XY Gaming platform using game consoles like Xbox and Playstation. This allows them to get paid to play games online for free. Players can also compete against other players in popular PC games after connecting to XY Gaming. Players in American must be 18 years or older to use XY Gaming. The exception is Nebraska and Alabama where players must be 19 years old. Global players who want to play games for money must follow the laws in their particular country.


Twitch is a streaming platform that allows you to play games for money while an audience watches. Viewers of your gameplay who appreciate what they are seeing are allowed to use the donate button to show their appreciation to you. If you reach the point where 500 people regularly view your channel, you qualify to become a Twitch Partner. Twitch Partners are able to unlock another method to play games for money. The amount of money paid by Twitch is determined by the number of people who watch your games.


Lucktastic is perfect for the mobile user who wants to get paid to play games. The app works with both android and iPhones while allowing players to enjoy scratch-off games at no cost. New scratch cards are available on a daily basis and you play them just as you would if purchased from a store. The only difference is you do not have to pay for your scratch off cards when you play Lucktastic.


The Givling website operates on an interesting concept. The site is perfect for gamers who would rather chip away at the student debt they have instead of putting money in their pockets. Givling manages a trivia game and allows players to earn money they can use to apply toward any student debt they may possess. Gamers can earn up to $50,000 at Givling. Players are allowed to play twice per day at no charge. Each subsequent effort comes at a cost of 50 cents.

Final Thoughts

Many devoted gamers are completely unaware that they can play games for real money while indulging in the activities they enjoy the most. The key is to find the site that matches best with you regarding the game selection you desire and the earning opportunities you hope to find. The list of 22 game sites profiled above should provide more than enough options for gamers who desire to get paid to play games online.

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